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The white woman’s hand tightly grips the thick bronze back of the man, creating a distinct highlight, on each hand there is a shiny silver ring despite the darkness pouring in everywhere but it still shining perfectly. After a long time, the space was calm again, only the raindrops falling on the porch, Khang Duat satisfied from Me An’s body, then hugged her in his arms and gently stroked her sweaty hair: Baby, are you tired, huh? Mi An raised her head and smiled at him, her face as fresh as a new flower in spring: Not tired at all. As soon as he finished speaking, there were a few laughs in his heart, you watched him lie again and again. PERSONALIZED SOCCER DAD TO MY SON POSTER. It is obvious that the body is exhausted, exhausted, and the pain is severe, but it still tells me it’s okay, what’s wrong with you, Mi An? Let’s go to sleep, may my baby sleep well and dream well. Khang Duat lifted her head, carefully adjusted to the most comfortable position for her to lean on, and then went to sleep with peace of mind. You too, must sleep well. Mi An rubbed the hand that was on her waist tenderly caressing, even living a good life for the rest of her life, you know that idiot! Because he had to take care of her all day, he soon got tired, he fell asleep very quickly, Me An quietly buried her head in his lap.

Personalized Soccer Dad To my son poster

Feel each beat in the rhythm of the heart resounding in your ears, with strong arms surrounding you. Like ripples gently patting the cliffs, the sea breeze gently caresses the whole body, so much gentleness, so much peace. Waiting until his breathing became regular and gentle, Mi An lifted her body to sit up, and her lower body ached severely. She frowned, not daring to move any more, the phone on the nightstand suddenly lit up and vibrated, she reached over to pick it up. On the screen showing a message, the bottom of Mi An’s eyes immediately fell straight into the abyss of ten thousand zhang. Hurry up, I want you to disappear from this place tomorrow! Me An’s hands were shaking, the phone seemed to fall out of reach, it was Khang Tuan who texted her. He was urging her to leave quickly, Mi An put the phone aside and turned to look at him. His handsome sleeping face was like an innocent, defenseless boy, without the coldness in the face of other outsiders, nor like a gentle scholar who pampered her.

The corner of his mouth is slightly raised with a beautiful curvature, the five senses like a god are always very attractive, under the pale yellow nightlight, his face is raised to a layer of dim light. On the thick hand with a prominent silver ring, Mi An gently held his hand, looking at his ring and then her own. The two rings are very recognizable as the same pair, identical design, only the gem embedded in the middle is different. She still remembers vividly in her head, that day he proposed to her, he said this is his mother’s ring that he treasures very much. PERSONALIZED SOCCER DAD TO MY SON POSTER. Kang Duat gave it to her to wear again, Mi An lowered her head, used all her love and tenderness to kiss the ring on his hand. Duat, I promise you, no matter what happens, I will always take good care of it and protect it. Because it is our love, engagement and hope, a sacred wedding ring that I will cherish forever. Her mouth is smiling, but why are her eyes teary? Mi An reached out her slender arm to carefully outline his five senses, her thumb deftly lingering over his thin lips. The moment just now, it was this mouth that kept kissing her soft body, constantly saying words that made people blush, those sweetness would soon fade into the past. Although Mi An tried to hold on to her hand, but the fire burned more and more towards her, finally she released her hand and all the good things turned to ashes!

She shook her head slightly, not wanting to think about it any more, her lips moved to his face, from his forehead, eyes, nose, cheekbones to thin silver lips. Every place we go through leaves behind an indescribable taste, heartache, torment, and boundless love. Mi An raised her hand to wipe away the tears, she opened her eyes wide and looked carefully at every place on her handsome face, not wanting to miss even a single detail, because she wanted to engrave it and then carve it into her memory, into every cell. So that he would always be present, imprinted in her mind, and then she would never feel lonely again, Mi An closed her eyes, lifted the blanket, and slowly got out of bed. Looking at his and her clothes lying on the floor, even more bitter in her heart, Me An quickly put on clothes. Going to the corner to get a small luggage bag that was prepared, Mi An turned her head to look at him sleeping soundly on the bed, then closed her eyes and left.

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