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The Net guy suggested the next day come back to this wonderful island and go shoot all the carnivorous four-legged animals. But he usually does not take unexpected situations into account. It was almost six in the evening when we got back to the beach. The boat is still in place. Two nautical miles from the shore, the Nau-ti-lúx still emerged as a reef in the sea waves. Len strokes took advantage of the time to prepare meals. He is such a talented cook. It seems to me that I have also contracted Tinh’s disease. MISS. MS. MRS. DR. MUG. I’m also excited for a steak! Please forgive me readers, as I have forgiven strokes for that weakness! The meal was very hearty. The pigeon, the colo flour, the bread, the six pineapples, and the coconut water made us all the more delighted. We turned our heads to look towards the forest. I was shocked. Not in time to bring the spoon to his mouth. Len strokes are finishing work. Stone did not fall from the sky, Cong-Build said, except for meteorites. The round second stone drops the spoon in the Cong builder’s hand, adding weight to his remark.

Miss. ms. mrs. dr. mug

We jumped up and held our guns on our shoulders to prepare to repel the attack. We ran towards the shore. Our actions are timely. On the right side, about a hundred meters from us, at the door of the small forest appeared about twenty indigenous people armed with bows and arrows. We are twenty meters from shore. The Aboriginal team moved slowly but clearly had a hostile attitude. So rocks and arrows came flying over! Despite being seriously threatened, Tinh did not forget the food she had just found. He held the pork in his armpits, and carried the pig in his hand. Two minutes later, we arrived ashore. Putting food and weapons into the boat, pushing the boat off the shore and grabbing the paddle takes only a minute. Boating less than four hundred meters from the shore, more than a hundred Aboriginal people waded into the water to their chest, chasing and raising their arms savagely and threatening.

I did not take my eyes off the Nau-ti-lxx and hope that the Aboriginal scream would bring the attention of the crew on board. But no, on deck the massive submarine was still as quiet as the flyers. About twenty minutes later, we stepped onto the deck. The lid is open. We fastened the boat and went inside the boat. From the living room came the sound of the harp. I enter. Captain Nero was bent over the keys and relaxed in the world of sound. Are you surprised when you step foot on somewhere on earth, you meet barbarians again? Barbarians, where are they? Where do the people you call barbarians inferior to others? MISS. MS. MRS. DR. MUG. Sir Aro-nac, tay Neho still does not leave the keyboard, for all the people of this Nehemiah gathered on the shore, the Nau-ti-lx did not fear anything. Nero’s fingers glided over the keyboard. I noticed that he just pressed down on the black keys. So the melodies, have completely Scottish colors. Nehemiah completely forgot my presence and let his soul fall into the dream realm. I don’t want to disturb him anymore. I go on deck. Night has come. At this latitude the sun usually sets suddenly and there is no sunset. The island of Gego-Roa was blurred in the fog in the distance. But the burning fires on the shore show that the aboriginal people did not want to disperse.

Beautiful Miss. ms. mrs. dr. mug

I stood alone on deck for a few hours, when I remembered the encounter with the Aboriginal people but no longer panicked because the captain’s confidence passed on me when I watched the splendor of the tropical night. I miss France and watched the constellation of the zodiac for what more hours will sparkle in the sky of my Country. The moon rises. I think our planet’s loyal and graceful satellite in four hours will return to this waters to rise and lift boats off this coral reef. Towards midnight, when it became clear that in these dark, dark waters as calm as in the woods near the shore, I went down to my room and slept soundly. The night passed smoothly. The Singaporeans must have been frightened by the monster lying on the reef, otherwise, they could easily get inside the ship. January 8, 9:00 a.m, I went on deck. The mist faded, and after a while the island appeared: first a strip of coast, then high mountains. Aboriginal people still congregate on the shore. They outnumbered the day before with five or six hundred people. The more brave people took advantage of the low tide, advancing about four hundred meters from where the ship was parked. I see their faces clearly. They are genuine Paas, muscular body, wide and upright forehead, big but not flat nose, white teeth. What a beautiful tribe!

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