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You let your anger overwhelm you, Glaedr said softly. Anger is good, but it doesn’t help you here. The path of a warrior is that of learning. If that study is based on indignation, and I use my wrath, then you won’t learn anything. Pain and disappointment are what awaits you if you do. Instead, you must learn to stay calm, even as hundreds of enemies like crows are rushing into your heels. Relax your mind, let it sit still like a lake reflecting everything without being affected by anything around it. BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE AWESOME JESUS POSTER. Knowledge will come to you in that mind, when you no longer worry about victory and defeat, life and death. You cannot predict every situation, and you cannot guarantee victory against every opponent, but with a sweeping view and not too focused on any small details, you can adapt to any. any situation. A warrior who can adapt most easily to all surprises is the one who can survive the longest. Now look at Arya, look into her, and act as you deem appropriate. When fighting, don’t let your thoughts affect you. Think without thinking, act instinctively and without reason.

Be strong be brave be humble be awesome Jesus poster

Go, and try it. Eragon reflected for a moment what he knew about Arya: what she liked and disliked, her habits and style, the important events of her life, the things she feared and hoped for, and more importantly, how she coped in life and fought. After considering it, it tried to draw a comment about her personality. This was really difficult, especially when she had to look at her unlike usual a beautiful woman she admired and longed for but who she truly was, whole, complete and individual. , according to its analysis. It reached its conclusion after a short while, though worrying about its conclusions was too simple and childish. It stepped forward, raising its sword and shield. It knew that Arya was expecting something else from it; it started the game like it had twice: swinging a sword and aimed directly at her right shoulder, as if to break her shield and aim for the unprotected ribs. Though it could not deceive her as it had forced her to foresee its every action, as long as it did, the advantage tilted in favor of it.

A small rock stumbled under its right leg. It must put its weight in order to maintain its balance. Its movement only faltered slightly, but Arya discovered that impermanence and reassured herself, screaming. Their swords passed, one slash, two, and Eragon turned around and suddenly realized that the next slash Arya would aim his head to stab into her chest, as quickly as possible, right at the ribs where she was. will be left open if aimed at its head. Its intuition was correct but miscalculated. It stabbed so quickly, Arya had not yet been able to swing her sword and the tip of the deep blue Brisingr passed harmlessly across her chest. BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE AWESOME JESUS POSTER. A second later, the world swayed around Eragon, his eyes burning with light. It collapsed on one knee, put his hands on the ground. His ears are bee. The murky sounds subsided, and he heard Glaedr say, don’t move too fast. Eragon. Don’t move too slowly either. Move at the right time and hit with precision, neither too fast nor too slow. Timing is everything in battle. People must pay attention to the opponent’s movements and rhythm: their strengths, their weaknesses, their rigidity and flexibility. Take the tempo of the game to your will and interrupt it when it doesn’t go your way, and you will master the tempo of the game if you follow it. You must understand this. Change the habits of your mind and ponder it, try it again! Thinking of Arya, Eragon turned on his heels, shaking his head to clear away all thoughts, like a hundred times before, he stood stance.

Hot Design Be strong be brave be humble be awesome Jesus poster

The pain was that he felt like an old man with severe inflammation. Arya lifted her hair and smiled at it, revealing beautiful white teeth. This gesture does not affect it. It focuses on the arm and won’t be fooled a second time. Before the smile disappeared from Arya’s face, it swung forward, lowered Brisingr and brought its shield forward. As expected, the position of the sword attracted Arya, a preemptive strike: a slash could break the collarbone if it couldn’t dodge it. Eragon gulped down to catch the blow, making it slip through the humble one, he swung Brisingr up and aimed it at her waist. She locked its swing and let it fly, the air in its lungs expelled. They play around, constantly looking for each other’s loopholes. The air between the two becomes tense, they move quickly, almost like a bird, abundant energy flows in them.

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