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In the evening we peeled another meter. When I got back to the train, I was suffocated a little bit because the carbon dioxide was saturated on the train. God, why don’t we have a chemical that absorbs that toxic gas! That evening, Captain Nero had to open the taps of the containers to drain some fresh air into the ship. Without that measure, we probably wouldn’t be able to get up. The next day, March 26, I went to work again and started to pick up the fifth tape. AND INTO THE BARN I GO COWGIRL POSTER. The ice ceiling and ice walls on both sides were markedly thickened. It is true that they will join each other before the Nau-ti-lxx ships out of this place. In a moment, I was discouraged. The pickaxe almost fell from my hand. What is the meaning of the hoe now if my number is to be suffocated or crushed by ice, a form of execution that the most savage has yet to come up with? I felt myself lying in the wide muzzle of a monster about to clench its horrific teeth. At that moment, Captain Nero, who passed my class, dug ice with his brothers.

And Into The Barn I Go Cowgirl poster

I show Nero the walls of the tunnel. The left wall was no more than four meters away from the train. The captain understood what I meant and motioned for me to follow. We return to the ship. I take off my diving suit with Nero into the living room. Nero said: Arahant, a courageous move was needed. Otherwise, when the sea water becomes ice, it will cling to the ship like cement. Could it be that you did not understand that then the freezing of water was only beneficial for us? Couldn’t you see that the freezing water itself will break the ice that surrounds us? Could it be that you don’t understand that it will become a means of saving my life, not a means of destroying me? Captain, maybe like that. But no matter how strong the strength of the Nau-ti-lüx was, it could not withstand such terrible pressure and would be rolled like a sheet of steel. I know. Therefore, we cannot count on the help of nature but must rely on ourselves. Must stop the freezing process. Not only the ice walls on the two sides were chained together, but the front and back of the ship had less than three meters of water. That means we are frozen on all four sides.

How long can the tanks on the ship provide air for us to breathe? The captain looked me in the face and said. One day, the containers will be empty. I’m cold all over. Meanwhile, Captain Nero was quietly pondering something. Looking at his expression, he seemed to have a glimpse of it. But Nero shook his head, dismissing the thought. We are caught in a relatively limited space. If the pumps on the ship continuously spray hot water, would the ambient temperature not rise and stop the freezing process? Let’s try it, professor! External thermometer only -7o. AND INTO THE BARN I GO COWGIRL POSTER. Captain Nero led me to the freshwater processing room using an evaporation method. There were large storage machines there. People fill the machines with water and draw heat from the generators. A few minutes later the water is heated to 100o and fed into the pump. The heat in the generators is so hot that cold water from the sea is brought directly through the distillation machine to boil. Three hours after the spray of boiling water, the outside thermometer was only -6o. That inched up a degree. Two hours later, the thermometer was only -4o. We will win, I tell Captain, have faith in the success of the measures just applied. I think so too, Noah replied, We will not be crushed.

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Just afraid of suffocating. After one night, the temperature rises to -1o. Hot water spray cannot raise the temperature anymore. But since the sea water only freezes at -2o, I rest assured. Then this threat will be dissolved. The next day, March 27, we removed six meters of ice. Four meters were left to be excavated, forty-eight hours more. Therefore, the air in the train cannot be changed. Our situation that day got worse. My body is heavy and can not stand it. By three o’clock in the afternoon, the feeling of weight reached its highest point. Two teeth fell out from the yawning too much. The lungs struggled to find some fresh air to breathe, but the air was getting rarer. In a state of exhaustion, I lay numb, almost fainted. My lovely Cong builder had similar painful symptoms, endured the same suffering, but still did not leave me. He took my hand and encouraged me. I even heard Congon whisper: God! If only I could stop breathing to save some more air for the professor.

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