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There was no one in the room. I pushed the door open, looked around, and entered. The furniture in the room was still as austere as the monk’s room. What caught my eyes were the portraits I didn’t notice it last time so I couldn’t see it. These are the portraits of famous historical figures who have devoted themselves to the lofty thought of humanism: the heroine of Jacob who fought for the cause of the liberation of Poland, O. the warlord for Irish independence, Oa-pretty-the founder of the United States of America; MOTORCYCLE HAPPINESS ISN’T AROUND THE CORNER CANVAS. Italian patriot, Lin-con, the president of the United States, was murdered by a slave master, and finally Jon Brao, who fought for the liberation of black slaves. The horrible painting of Jon Brao is hanged, drawn by pencil by Vic-to Huyen himself! What relationship might have been between Captain Nero and these heroes? Do not know those portraits reveal the secret of Neho’s life? Was Nero the protector of the oppressed peoples, the liberator of the tribes that had been enslaved? Or was he one of the heroes of the civil war between the northern and southern states of America?

Motorcycle happiness isn’t around the corner canvas

The clock scores eight. The first bell interrupted my thoughts. I shuddered, as though being seen through my secret desires by some eye. I immediately ran out of Neho’s room. Coming to the living room, I looked at the area one last time. The compass needle indicates north direction. The train is running at a moderate speed below a depth of about twenty meters. These are favorable conditions for implementing Stroke’s intentions. I went back to my room, dressed in warm clothes, and waited. The train was completely silent, only the hull shook slightly because the propeller spun quickly. I tried to hear whether there would be a cry from Net in that clearing if he was caught by the neck. That terrible restlessness tortured me so much! I tried to regain control but to no avail. Near nine o’clock I pressed my ear against the door of the captain’s room. Completely quiet. I went to the living room again, still in darkness and not a single person. I open the door to the library. It was just as dark and quiet here. I sat down near the door connecting the middle staircase and waited for Tinh’s signal.

At that time, the hull suddenly shook slightly and completely stopped shaking. What does the change mean? Will stopping train be favorable or difficult for Net’s plan? Who know! I suddenly felt a slight bump. I understand it was the ship that had dived to the bottom of the sea. My anxiety increased. There is no sign of Stroke. I wanted to run immediately to Stroke to ask him to postpone the run to another time because I felt unusual conditions were taking place on this journey. But the living room door suddenly opened, and Captain Nehah appeared! I look for you forever! MOTORCYCLE HAPPINESS ISN’T AROUND THE CORNER CANVAS. Do you know the history of Spain? If Noah asked me if I knew the history of France, I could not answer in this troubled mood. How, can you hear me asking? Do you know the history of Spain? I know very little. If so, please sit down, I will tell you a wonderful story in the history of Spain. Nero was sprawled on the couch, and I sat down next to him. Around twilight. Please listen, professor. To him, this case is not uninteresting because you will find here an answer to the question you may not have found an answer to. Yes, I was listening, -I said, but I don’t know where Nero will lead. I wonder: does this story have anything to do with my escape? Professor, if you allow it, we will retreat a little bit back in time.

Official Design Motorcycle happiness isn’t around the corner canvas

That year was 1702. You must remember that year, King Luke 14, so arrogant that the whole mountain range Peperea would collapse with a wave of his hand, so he placed his nephew on the throne of Spain. Nha. The absurd prince, who recently took the throne as the fifth Philip, has had to deal with strong enemies from outside. It should be said that a year earlier, the Dutch, Austrian, and English courts signed a coalition that aimed to overthrow the throne of Spain of the fifth Philip and give a certain royal to them. called the third Isaac. Spain had to go against that alliance, but it had virtually no army. However, they had a wealth of gold and silver obtained in the Americas and were desperately needed for ships carrying those jewels to access Spanish ports. At the end of 1702, a convoy of gold and silver, with twenty-three ships of the French fleet under the command of Admiral Roar, was heading for Spain. The reason for escorting is because in the Atlantic there is a fleet of Dutch-British coalition forces.

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