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My eyes filled with tears when I heard the Congon speak. But if the people on board were in an unbearable condition, every time it was the labor turn, everyone would be excited to put on their diving suit. We took the ice picks very hard. Our shoulders were tired, our hands were bulging, but the fatigue didn’t make any sense right now, the scratches weren’t worth noting. Cool air rushed into our lungs! We breathe! However, no one continues to work under water for more than the allotted time. RETRO TEAL DONKEY WHY HELLO SWEET CHEEKS POSTER. As time passed, we immediately passed the air tank to our friends to energize them. The captain was exemplary in this and the first to submit to that strict discipline. In time, the captain handed the air tank to someone else and returned to the ship filled with poison gas. The captain is always calm, not languid, without a complaint. That day, the work was carried out very urgently. Only two meters of ice had to be dug. We were only two meters away from the frozen sea! But the air tanks were almost empty.

Retro teal donkey why hello sweet cheeks poster

The rest must go to those who are working. Can’t give the train a little more! Arriving at the train, I was almost suffocated. Well, that night there is no way to describe it! The next morning I had both a headache and dizziness like a drunk. So are my friends. The sailors were only wheezing. Today, we were imprisoned until the sixth day, Captain Nero, who thought hoes and crowds were too slow vehicles, decided to break the remaining ice differently. Nero maintained his composure and strength. he used his mental strength to dispel physical pain. Nero thinks, coordinates, and acts. Nero ordered the ship to float out of the ice and parked right above the large hole dug in the shape of a ship. The tank had just been pumped with enough water, the Nau-ti-lux ship lowered and entered the correct hole. Before that, all sailors entered the ship and closed all the doors. The Nau-ti-lúx, on a one-meter-thin layer of ice, had been punctured in many places. At that time, the taps in the tanks were opened all the way, sucking another hundred cubic meters of water into the tank, increasing the weight of the ship to a hundred tons. We wait, listen, forget the pain.

Although the headache was like a hammer, after a while I could still hear the cracking sound under the hull. The ice is cracking. Finally, the ice broke completely, making a special sound, like the sound of paper being torn. The Nau-ti-lxx ship began to sink. Cong-build whispered in my ear. I don’t have the strength to answer anymore. I just grabbed the hand of the Cong-build and involuntarily squeezed it hard. RETRO TEAL DONKEY WHY HELLO SWEET CHEEKS POSTER. Thanks to the impact of the great weight, the Nau-ti-lux began diving like a particle falling into space. Immediately all electricity was focused on the pumps to push the water out of the tanks. A few minutes later, the ship stopped diving and then began to float. The propeller spins so quickly that the entire body of the ship vibrates. The ship rushed north. But how long will it take the ship to run under the ice before it reaches the frozen surface of the ocean? One more day? I will die before that! I was half-lying on the library couch and suffocated. My face is bruised, lips pale, complete confusion of function begins. The muscles lose the ability to contract. I don’t remember how long it lasted. I just know that I’m dying. I suddenly regained consciousness.

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Several gulps of cool air entered my lungs. Maybe the ship has surfaced already? Are not! It was St and Conbu, my lovely friends who sacrificed themselves to save me by letting me breathe the remaining air in a storage tank! Should’ve let me breathe, they were for me while they were suffocating. I wanted to push the pot out, but the two of them held my hands tightly. So I was able to breathe comfortably for a few minutes. I looked at my clock: eleven o’clock at noon. That meant it was March 28. The Nau-ti-lxx train with a tremendous speed of forty knots an hour. Where is Captain Nero? is he dead? Are his friends also dead? Based on the depth meter, we were just over sixty meters from the sea level. A thin layer of ice separates us from the air above. Why can’t it be broken? Okay! Either way, the Nau-ti-lúx will do the same, I feel so! It lowered the steering side and raised its tip. Then it opened at full speed and charged straight up the ice, breaking the chunks. Eventually, the ship penetrated the frozen sea surface and used its weight to break the ice. The windows were opened wide, the sea air rushed into the Nau-ti-lúx ship.

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