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Here, is their own world, where they all thrive because of a smile from Mi An! He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head, whispering in a low voice: I love you. Mi An woke up dreamily because of his kiss, out of habit of rubbing his chest a few times, still not sure what was going on. She raised her eyes to look up, coincidentally two eyes met accidentally, Mi An embarrassedly immediately lowered her head. Khang Duat smiled and caressed one cheek that was gradually turning red, yesterday maybe she was just a little afraid of him, so he had to quickly deal with this. He definitely had to take her to a psychological examination and explain everything clearly: Me An! Will you come back to me today? PERSONALIZED DEAR DAD THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO BE A MAN CAMPFIRE MUG. Her face instantly changed because of his words, she moved as if she wanted to sit up. Khang Duat easily reached out to hold the scissors, one hand lightly lifted her chin to face him. Me An!! Listen to him say this. His powerful eagle eyes were deeply penetrating the depths of her frightened eyes, that look was like a kind of torture, searching deep into her internal organs. Mi An lay still, mesmerized by her glossy black pupils reflecting her figure.

Personalized dear dad thanks for teaching me how to be a man campfire mug

It’s all over, now all is well! So don’t be afraid anymore, I’m here, I won’t let you encounter another thing. Do you understand? Mi An calmly did not react, as if she did not hear what he just said, after a while she slowly raised her hand and grabbed his shirt. Her eyes widened as she looked at him, as if she had used up all her hopes, the little trust she had left rose, she pursed her lips and trembled. Really? Is everything okay? Yes! Everything is fine, my dear, my Mi An will not have to face any more problems. Khang Duat was happy to see her hand grab his shirt, and looked up and talked, these reassuring words that create safety are very effective. She was dumbfounded and looked at him carefully, Khang Duat happily hugged her: Good, good, we’ll go home, we’ll see Chu Luc Diep again! How is Sister Luc Diep? Khang Duat buried his head in her hair, inhaling the addictive scent, and said: She’s fine, but her mood is always sad because she’s waiting for you to come back. She bit her lip, silently blaming herself, it was because she left without saying such a word that she was sad.

Mi An gently rested her head on his broad shoulder, the heavy heart is now relieved, it’s time to clear the clouds to let the storm recede from his arms. Half an hour later, Khang Duat smoothly carried Me An out from the hospital door to her car, she was embarrassed, the whole way she hid her face inside, not daring to look at anyone. Khang Duat stubbornly refused to listen to her words and carried her straight from the hospital room to here, really. Khang Duat put her in the car, carefully fastened the seat belt, then got in the driver’s seat, happily looking at her and smiling: Let’s go home Wait. He stopped, Me An was stopping him: What’s wrong? PERSONALIZED DEAR DAD THANKS FOR TEACHING ME HOW TO BE A MAN CAMPFIRE MUG. I have to go back to the inn to get my stuff. The car drove for about 10 minutes, only to reach the motel that Me An rented, and slowly rolled on the slightly degraded asphalt road. Khang Duat helped her down and then casually looked around where she lived, involuntarily sour came and eroded his mind. The row of inns is quite dilapidated, the tiled roof has soon faded, the door frames have many broken off their hinges, the simple wooden stairs connecting the upper floor seem to have broken. . This place is extremely deserted, one side is a fast-flowing pond, the other side is overgrown weeds everywhere. Did your Mi An live here? While he was living peacefully and happily, she had to stay here every day? Kang Duat faintly heard a loud explosion coming from the bottom of his heart, breaking into pieces, burning his throat, tormenting his exhausted body.

Khang Duat clenched his fists tightly, his eyes widened and he stared at the small and rundown motel room, the taste in his mouth became bitter, a little choked and speechless. Mi An felt that he was a bit unusual and turned to look at him: What’s wrong? Khang Duat lifted the corner of his mouth and forced a smile, trying to relax his mood, shaking his head and continuing to help her up. Mi An turned the simple lock on the door, then opened it and went in, the room was filled with her gentle and elegant scent. On the floor there is only a thin mattress, a pillow and blanket are neatly folded on top, and there is also a small kitchen corner for cooking. Mi An cleaned up quite quickly, she brought out a small luggage bag just like when she left, nothing more, no less. Khang Duat saw that a corner of his shirt was stuck in the zipper, so he squatted down to fix it, his hand touching it was a bit surprised. This fabric is very familiar, Khang Duat frowned slightly and continued to pull it out a little more.

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