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Why doesn’t the protective net protect him? Glaedr seemed to be sighing. Nobody know. No one had done this before, Eragon, and of the survivors, only Galbatorix knew its secrets. That magic cast on Oromis’ thoughts but did not directly affect him. Instead, it influences his energy source and bonds him with energy. THO had studied magic for a long time, but they also did not fully understand how the material and non-material worlds interact. It is a puzzle that never has a solution. IT’S BETTER TO HAVE YOUR NOSE IN A BOOK THAN IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BUSINESS POSTER. However, it seems that the souls understand matter and immaterial better than we do, because they represent the second and they become the first when in the form of the Evil God. Whatever the truth, we know: Oromis recites the spell, we are free, but he has been greatly affected. He could not use such a powerful spell in his whole life and from then on, his body was very vulnerable. He is very easy to be killed. This weakness existed when Kialandí and Formora captured us, but as he moves us and changes his body shape, this weakness becomes even worse. Oromis fell down and became weak like a baby bird. At that moment Fomora and her dragon, an ugly brown animal rushed forward, the other two following closely behind.

It’s better to have your nose in a book than in someone else’s business poster

If they knew he was weak, they would take advantage of the opportunity to get into his mind and control him. I have to distract them until Oromis recovers. I’ve never fought like this in my life. Four on one, or five if your games include Agaravel. Both dragons, the brown and purple Kialandís are smaller than me but their teeth are sharp and their claws sharp. But the anger strengthens me, I inflict fatal wounds on them. Kialandí is foolish when it comes to my attack range and I grabbed him with my claws and threw it back. Glaedr shouted. Magic didn’t protect him from the javelin that came from the purple dragon’s back, and I would have killed him had it not been for the brown dragon to get in the way. We fight for almost five more minutes when Oromis calls for retreat. I throw dirt at the enemy’s face and return to Oromis, grab him with my claw and fly away from Edur Naroch. Kialandí and the dragon cannot chase, but Formona and the brown dragon can. They caught up to us when we flew a mile from the watchtower.

Sometimes they and I are very close, then the brown dragon flies below me, I see Formora intending to stab my right leg with a sword. She wants me to drop Ormis or kill him. I twisted my body, so instead of losing my right leg, I lost my left leg. Glaedr’s memories were dire, cold as if Formona’s blade was made of ice and not steel. That feeling made Eragon queasy. He gulped and gripped the reins, glad that Saphira was safe. It doesn’t hurt as you imagine but I know I can’t continue fighting, so I turned around and flew back to Ilirea as quickly as I could. IT’S BETTER TO HAVE YOUR NOSE IN A BOOK THAN IN SOMEONE ELSE’S BUSINESS POSTER. Formora blurred from victory, because no matter where the legs were, I still managed to cut off the brown dragon and escape. Oromis could stop the bleeding, but he was helpless, unable to even contact the senior Knights to inform Galbatorix’s plan. Once Kialandí and Formora report back, Galbatorix will attack Ilirea immediately. If he waits it gives us time to consolidate his forces, and even though he has power, the element of surprise was still his most powerful weapon back then. When we got to Ilirea, we were disappointed to see that some commands were still there, in our absence many people left looking for Galbatorix or went to see Vrael in Vroengard.

Cool It’s better to have your nose in a book than in someone else’s business poster

We convince the rest of them that they are in danger, and we remember them warning Vrael and the Dragons and Knights senior. They didn’t believe Galbatorix had any force to attack Ilirea or he dared to do it, but in the end we made them look into the truth. So they decided that all of the Eldunarís in Alagaësia should be taken to Vroengard for safety. That seemed like a guarantee, but we should have taken Ellesméra. If not, we should leave them at Du Weldenvarden. At least a few dragon hearts are safe from Galbatorix. God, but no one thought they would be safer with the fairies than in Vroengard. Vrael ordered the dragons and the Knights within a few days to help Ilirea but Oromis and I feared that they were too late. And we cannot strengthen the defenses of Ilirea. So we gathered all the necessary funds and together with the two students Brom and the dragon like you, Saphira we left the city at night.

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