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Mi An smiled and continued to pretend to lie to him, in fact, she knew that the symptoms of the disease had reappeared, and in her heart, she began to fear that she just wanted to shrink as small as possible. Because she feels lonely and lonely preparing to attack and swallow her when his arms are no longer around her! The moonlight was suddenly obscured by the dark clouds, the rain immediately poured down like a waterfall, Khang Duat quickly bent his waist and gently picked her up in his arms and ran quickly into the house. Let’s go home, baby! YOUR FRIEND YOUR PARTNER YOUR BLACK CAT POSTER. Mi An let out a small cry of panic and hugged his neck, giggling like a baby because he was carrying her while flying around the house. Up to the room, Mi An reached out to turn the doorknob, Khang Duat was still swinging and joking around, and finally went to the bed and gently put her down. She stretched her arms around his neck and pulled him to lie down on the bed, she turned over to sit on him, Mi An lowered her eyes to her thin eyelashes like butterfly wings taking off, slowly leaned down to kiss his lips slowly. Khang Duat was surprised because every day she timidly closed her eyes and dared not do anything, but today she was so proactive, he held her nape, making the kiss even deeper.

Your friend your partner your black cat poster

Her warmth hovered over his lips, sweet as a lollipop, setting the fire in his body ablaze. It wasn’t until Mi An was out of breath that he reluctantly let go, from his red swollen lips to his smooth and slender neck, kissing down the tender, soft, not heavy skin, leaving a mark of only belonging. about yourself. Mi An gasped, her whole body glued to him, gently grasping her neatly trimmed short hair, feeling her silver lips brushing over every inch of her skin, Khang Duat slowly raised her head to look at the beautiful girl he kissed. the madman above, she was wearing his white shirt. So under the light, a gentle curve appeared, the slender body seemed to have a faint layer of light covering before his eyes, how pure, how charming. She leaned down near his face, softly cooing: Duat! Just love me. Me An’s warm breath rushed over him, his chest was inflated and filled like a balloon, and the soft, sweet sound took over him. Kang Duat suddenly took a breath, his eyes deepened, his lust was intense and did not hide at all, just like that stupidly looking at the little girl on her body.

Did she not notice that at this moment she is like a beautiful, charming or charming little elf, enough to attract the soul of any man in the world, fortunately she has only him, if no he really will destroy this world just for her! Mi An put her hand on the buttons of her shirt and slowly released each button, her eyes faithfully directed at him. Kang Duat fluently turned over, briefly placed her under his body, he kissed her tenderly on her white jade earlobe, smiled evilly and said: Just recovered from the disease but so happy! She shyly hit Mr. A’s chest lightly, Disgusting! Khang Duat unbuttoned the buttons on her shirt with one hand, his face was evil, but he was strangely charming. YOUR FRIEND YOUR PARTNER YOUR BLACK CAT POSTER. Mi An suddenly felt a little cold on her body, her shirt was lying flat on the floor, the corner of her mouth was a beautiful human-hearted smile, which is more brilliant than any flower. Just for tonight, she only asked one last time, let me forget everything, the person in front of me now is simply Kang Duat who she loves! His hand was also not idle, he slowly probed into her enchanting interior, the soft, glossy skin underneath slipped through his hand, making him not want to leave until death. As for him, he knew well what he should do if he wanted to arouse her, his fingers were neither heavy nor light, swaying on her body non-stop. Mi An only felt that his hand was like carrying a big torch, dissolving every piece of her skin, her whole body was flowing with blood, extremely hot, and could only control her lovely moans.

Her body gradually became soft like water, he moved in, Mi An hugged him tightly, her legs tightened around her waist, she enthusiastically responded. Until the two bodies merged into one, Mi An was satisfied with a bright smile, her hands were tightly knit together. Right now, she wants him to leave his own deep imprint on her, so that she can always remember that she belongs to him! Each intense movement in and out below, the friction of flesh and blood sticking to each other without any distance, the continuous male breath in the ear sounded. Only this kind of intimate sex can give her the real feeling that she still has him by her side, because she is too precarious and idle, so she covets this kind of sex! The stars were soon embarrassed by such a sight, lurking in the clouds, it was still raining heavily outside, but in the pompous room now only the lovely voices of women and the gasps of the flock remained. He drowned out the rumbling rain outside and carved a magnificent love streak!

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