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Finally, when Eragon was confident that there were no traps around them or around the Kuthian Rock, he and Saphira walked up the clearing to the base of the lichen-covered spire. Eragon tilted his neck and looked up at the top. Too far away. It did not see that the rock or Saphira was anything wrong. Let’s get it over with, she said. Eragon asked Glaedr, and the dragon replied, “She’s right. We have nothing to hesitate. Say your name, me and Saphira do the same. Eragon tightly clenched his fist twice, then grabbed Brisingr’s shield and bar. My name, he spoke loudly, clearly, was Eragon, the star of the evil god, brom’s son. THIS MASK IS AS USELESS AS JOE BIDEN CLOTH MASK. My name is Saphira Bjartskular, daughter of Vervada. My name is Glaedr Eldunarí, the long-tailed Nithring son. They wait. Over there the crows sound like teasing them. Eragon was uneasy, but he didn’t notice. It didn’t expect the door to open easily. Try again, but this time speaking in old language, advises Glaedr. So Eragon said, Nam iet er Eragon Sundavar-Vergandí, sönr abr Brom. And Saphira as well as Glaedr repeat names and origins in the old language. Nothing happens. Eragon grew more and more uneasy. If this journey was futile. No, he wouldn’t dare think. Don’t dare to think. Maybe we have to say the name out loud, it said.

This mask is as useless as Joe Biden cloth mask

How? Saphira asked. Should I scream at the rock? What about Master Glaedr? You can give your name to me, Eragon said. It doesn’t seem to be what it wants, but let’s give it a try, Glaedr said. In this language or the old language. In the old language. But okay, try both to make sure. Twice Eragon read the name, but the rock remained unchanged. Finally, it said in disappointment, Maybe we got to the wrong place; maybe the entrance to the Grave of Souls is on the other side of the rock. Maybe on the roof. If so, why is the direction not mentioned in Domia Abr Wyrda? Glaedr asked. Eragon lowered his shield. Have you ever had a puzzle that is easy to solve? Or do you just need to name it? Saphira told Eragon. Not that Solembum said, when you are exhausted, go to the Kuthian rock and name it to open the door to the Tomb of the Souls. Your name, not mine or Master Glaedr. Eragon frowned. May. But if he just needed his name then maybe he should say it when he was alone.

With a roar, Saphira flew upwards, straightened Eragon’s hair and blew the grass. Try it, and hurry up! She said as she flew east, away from the rock. When Saphira was mile away, Eragon looked up at the rock surface and once again raised his shield, once again giving his name, in both human and fairy languages. There were no doors or paths exposed. There is no crack in the rock surface. Not a sign. The stone tower is still just a marble, without any secrets. Saphira! Eragon called out with thought. Then he cursed and stepped back and forth, kicking rocks and branches on the ground. It turned back to the foot of the rock when Saphira landed on the empty lot. The claw plunged into the ground. THIS MASK IS AS USELESS AS JOE BIDEN CLOTH MASK. Leaves and leaves swirled around her like in a hurricane. Once she landed on all fours and folded her wings, Glaedr said, I guess you failed? No, Eragon replied gruffly and stared up at the stone tower. Looks like the old dragon sighed. I fear there is only one possibility. Was Solembum lying to us? That he lets us out so Galbatorix can destroy the Varden? Are not. The Grave of Souls, said SAPhira. Yes, the tomb he told you to open it, we must use that real name. The words fell on them like a heavy rock. They said nothing. The thought scared Eragon.

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He did not dare for fear of making the situation worse. But if this is a trap, says Saphira. Then this is the most dangerous trap, said Glaedr. You need to decide: do you believe Solembum? This does not only threaten our lives but also our freedom. If you believe him, can you be honest with yourself to find out his name quickly? But do you dare to live your whole life with that even if it’s not comfortable? Because if not, now we have to leave. I have changed since Oromis died, but I know who I am. But do you know who you are, Saphira? What about you, Eragon? Can you tell me the truth about what’s inside this Dragon and Knight? Eragon looked boredly at the Kuthian Rock. Who am I? It wondered. Nasuada laughed as the starry sky swirled around her and she fell into a white light a mile below. The wind blew in her hair, her skirt fluttered, the threads on her sleeves swayed like ropes. Huge black bats flew in, attacking her wounds with their teeth. She still laughs.

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