LUXURY Poster Swimming and into the ocean i go to lose my mind and find my soul

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When and where was it closed? And how can building such a giant ship be kept private? Only the state can build such destructive machines. In our time, when human intelligence is very adept at inventing murderous tools, it is easy to believe that a certain country secretly built and tested this terrible ship. But in the end the hypothesis of a military submarine collapsed, as all the governments claimed to have nothing to do with it. POSTER SWIMMING AND INTO THE OCEAN I GO TO LOSE MY MIND AND FIND MY SOUL. The truthfulness of such claims cannot be doubted, since international sea lanes are threatened. Moreover, building such a giant submarine could not escape the attention of public opinion. Secrecy under such conditions is extremely difficult for the private sector, and for individual countries is utopian because each of their actions is closely watched by rival powers. So after investigating in England, France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Israel, the US and even Turkey, the submarine hypothesis was completely bankrupt.

Poster Swimming and into the ocean i go to lose my mind and find my soul

Though mocked by the tabloids, the monster floated to the surface of the water. the aroused imagination again paints the most absurd pictures in the field of science fiction. On coming to Niu I-ooc, I am honored to have many people come to consult on this matter. In France I have published a book in two volumes, titled Secrets of the Deep Sea. That book was acclaimed by the scientific community and made me a well-known expert in a less-studied area of ​​natural history. I have been asked to express my opinion on this matter. But in my hand there is no specific document, so I refuse, using the excuse of completely not understanding at all. However, being cornered, I had to speak up my judgment. And finally, Ton Ong A-rac, professor of Paris museum, to whom the reporter of New York newspaper Nebucho asked to speak up must surrender. I speak because it is not convenient to be silent forever. I consider the matter in all aspects of politics and science.

I would like to quote a few passages from my April 30th article: Having considered each of the assumptions that have been made and there are no more solid assumptions, we have to admit the existence of a child. sea ​​creatures have extraordinary power. The deep water layers of the ocean have hardly been studied. No polls have reached those layers of water yet. What is happening in that unknown abyss? What creatures are living and able to live up to twelve, or fifteen nautical miles below sea level? How are their bodies? Any hypothesis is just a guess. POSTER SWIMMING AND INTO THE OCEAN I GO TO LOSE MY MIND AND FIND MY SOUL. The task set out for us can be solved in two ways: Either we already know all the creatures that live on our planet, or we don’t know all. If we do not know all, if in the field of fisheries, nature still hides us many secrets, then there is no basis for not acknowledging the existence of fish, or mammals of different breeds, species we don’t know yet, special creatures that live in deep layers of water; it only emerges from time to time due to the impact of certain Physical Laws, or the unusual temperament of nature. On the contrary, if we already know all the animals, we need to look for the aforementioned animal among classified marine animals, in which case I would assume that this is a giant shaped fish. giant.

Trend Poster Swimming and into the ocean i go to lose my mind and find my soul

Commonly shaped fish, or monkeys, are up to eighteen meters long. Multiply it five times, ten times, give it a power, a horn proportional to its body. So you will visualize the monster! It would be the size the Saber ship officers said, with a sharp horn that would pierce Scottish ships and other transatlantic ships. The fish shape has a large, sword-sharp horn and is as solid as steel. People have seen many times that the wounds on the body of a whale are the kind of animal that the fish shape will always beat. Sometimes fragments of fish horns from punctured wooden hulls are obtained. The Paris Medical University museum had a shaped fish horn that was twenty-five centimeters long, and the circumference of the largest was forty-eight centimeters. Let us imagine a horn ten times bigger, a fish ten times stronger, swimming twenty-five knots an hour, multiplying the weight of the fish by its speed, and then we will understand the cause. out to an accident.

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