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He looked at the innocent girl next to him who was excitedly shaking his hand, his heart aching, Me An always made him love her more and more. Because he understood, Khang Tuan didn’t like her from the beginning, but he was worried about the business without anyone taking over. Therefore, he reluctantly and reluctantly accepted Mi An, although it was only to cover her eyes, he still hoped that things would be like that because he did not want his Mi An to be bothered any more. CAT READING BOOK PROBABLY READING PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH THIS PAGE DOORMAT. Khang Duat restored his calm and peaceful expression, wrapped his arms around his small waist as usual: Alright, we’ll go check the date ourselves and then report it to you. Khang Tuan stroked his chest and waved his hand, sighing: Um, go. Leaving the main house, but the destination is not his home but a place where every girl wants to go to the person she loves. Mi An was still leaning on his chest, breathing softly, closing her eyes, not knowing what was going on, the car had stopped in front of Khang Duat store and had to raise her pretty little chin to wake her up. Slowly approaching, the masculine breath enveloped her in an instant, and her red lips were also covered.

Cat reading book Probably reading please wait for me to finish this page doormat

The maximum heat on her body immediately pulled Me An from being vague, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome face exaggerated in front of her eyes. The distance between the two of them was extremely close, his lips with clear lines were only a few centimeters from hers, his sharp but deep eyes looked deeply into hers. Mi An immediately woke up and was no longer dreaming, covering her mouth with her hand, shyly asking: Did you just kiss me? Um, I’ve reached a place where I haven’t woken up yet, I have to kiss to wake up! Khang Duat smiled in an inappropriate manner, his big hand gently let go of her chin and let go of his five fingertips, as if he still had the soft and smooth feeling of a girl’s skin, making him unable to resist the urge to repeat. touch, caress. For such shameless words and actions, Mi An soon got used to it, she stopped talking, ran her hand through her hair and glanced out the window, feeling something strange, so she frowned: I where are you going? Khang Duat smiled mysteriously, looked out the window: Look.

Me An followed his gaze and immediately saw a huge shop with shiny eye-catching words Studio l’amour, the most expensive place to try on luxury wedding dresses in this bustling bustling town. From the door to the signboard, everything is carefully and luxuriously cared for, the glossy glass door without a stain see through in the wings of a floating angel, the beads attached to the surface of the shirt make it even more attractive. it shimmers in the sunlight. She leaned against the window to watch passionately even if it was just through the glass door, Khang Duat entwined his hand in hers and squeezed it, then spoke with a voice that was warmer than the sunshine outside, making Me An’s mind even. CAT READING BOOK PROBABLY READING PLEASE WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH THIS PAGE DOORMAT. Follow it and melt down. Come on, my bride! He and she walked hand in hand into the shop, a woman dressed in elegant clothes came to greet him, he nodded and replied: “My wedding dress ordered, is it already there? The woman smiled brightly and extended her hand to the right: Yes, all ready! Mr. Khang, please go this way. Mi An shyly walked beside him and glanced at the perfect dresses hanging on the shelves, thinking that she would wear it, she was so excited that she couldn’t help it, Me An smiled quietly and followed behind him . Glass stairs with luxurious shiny stone veins winding up to the upper floor, there is a very large room located in the middle of the hall. Please take a seat, please wait a moment.

Mi An sat down to wait quietly, but her heart was already shaken, Kang Duat beside her silently looked at her and smiled happily. A few minutes later, Me An saw two staff members lift into a large coat rack, then unfolded it to reveal a pure white wedding dress that had just been transported by plane. Me An was momentarily dumbfounded. whole body. Because, it’s so beautiful! Although she did not have any far-fetched dreams, she didn’t even know if this wedding would take place or not, if she could walk down the aisle with him. But perhaps no girl can resist this breathtakingly beautiful wedding dress! The design is sophisticated but without losing its elegance and charm, the layers of thin chiffon are delicately and beautifully stacked, completely robbing Me An’s soul. Her eyes were completely filled with shimmering silks and brilliant diamonds, and she stood still to let them help put on the beautiful wedding gown. Miss, can you try walking back a few steps now so I can see if there are any areas that need to be repaired.

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