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She never imagined that one day she would push him out of her hand, he was clearly right in front of her, it was clear that all this was what she wanted, longing for it, but why should her feelings? Are you not like before? Instead she felt more anxious, she did not dare to step forward again, she was afraid that she would lose her footing and fall miserably again. Being held by him in his tight arms without any gaps, but she felt that she was returning to a lost time wandering on the street without a care! Trusting once, again, and again, but it’s always just unbelievably painful. JESUS WITH LOVELY YORKSHIRE TERRIER POSTER. She was very afraid, afraid that the feeling of being alone would come again, she no longer had the strength to bear and go through. Therefore, Me An accepted to go back in her own shell, not wanting anyone anymore. Excuse me, can you get out of here? Khang Duat’s eyes were stretched and seemed to be about to burst, his face became indifferent and looked straight at her: Why, why? Do you know what I’m talking about, I’ve said it and it’s all resolved. I knew! You can go now. Tired Mi An continued to bluntly cut him off, then pulled the blanket down on the bed to cover her head, clearly showing that she didn’t want to say anything more.

Jesus with lovely Yorkshire Terrier poster

Ten fingers in the blanket unconsciously clasped each other, unable to calm down, but shivered slightly, She didn’t want to accept those sweet things anymore, it was better to let her suffer the loneliness, the real cold, those fake soft honeys! Only you can count on yourself, loneliness and loneliness are for you, don’t keep giving her a sugar candy and then a bitter pill, that taste has penetrated deeply. in her heart. Khang Duat frowned, suppressed the discomfort in his heart and then thought carefully, her actions just now were quite familiar to him. Has her illness returned? These are all symptoms of your anxiety disorder. He froze for a moment, a huge wave rushed into his mind, his throat became heavy. Khang Duat trudged up to her, slowly lying on the bed, then wrapped his arms around her body, Me An’s eyes widened in surprise. What is he doing? She could feel her hard chest and strong arms like two iron rods approaching and trapping her in her lap.

Her masculine breath and fiery heat immediately surrounded her, making it impossible for Mi An to hide. Mi An’s throat tightened, just as she was about to struggle to escape, Khang Duat suddenly reached out a large, thick hand covering the top of her head and gently rubbed it. Her long slender fingers were vaguely like the wind blowing through her hair, and Mi An gradually became calm and did not move. These actions touched the softest point of Mi An, she lay still in his arms and slowly closed her eyes tiredly, not wanting to think about it anymore because she was exhausted. JESUS WITH LOVELY YORKSHIRE TERRIER POSTER. Before falling into a dream, there was always a warm voice with a peaceful look in her ear. Like the melodious, soft music that guides and illuminates the dark road ahead. Baby, don’t be afraid, I’m here! This time, I will absolutely never let go of you again, will protect, cover you, the two of us will no longer have to suffer. The next morning, the early morning sun shone through the window, gently illuminating the large bed in the middle of the room. Kang Duat woke up a long time ago. With his arms still tender to let her rest his head, he lowered his eyelids and gently touched the delicate five senses of the petite girl in his field of vision.

Mi An is sleeping very well, her big eyes are closed, her lovely lips sometimes move open and close, her breath is as light as a kitten blowing on him. Kang Duat loved, out of habit stroking her hair, as expected when she appeared again. Is like a saint to save his boring, boring life, from mood to sleep. Every little thing, every little thing, becomes perfect because of her! To be honest, it had been several months since she had left, and he had not once slept so properly. Because basically the mind never wants to rest, because when night falls, he lies alone in the cold bed. His eyes were wide open, his mind was heavy as if there were two huge rocks pressing on him, making it impossible for him to sleep. Until, finding her, and last night he had a peaceful and deep sleep until morning, Me An was his own tranquilizer! Only by her side, Khang Duat can feel the endless peace, without a bit of chaos and hurry of the outside.

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