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Her little daughter now knows how to listen to her words, that is, try to open love for someone. And Me An has done it, the little girl has a first love with infinite love and faith regardless of whatever she will strive for forever. She smiled reassuringly looking at Me An, just praying that these two will be happy. In the hospital room, she obediently sat holding his hand against her cheek and smiled sweetly. Khang Duat, wake up quickly! I will be here waiting for you, will always be by your side. Me An kept her words right. For three months, he fell into a coma, she went to school and worked too hard every day, but every day, he went to the hospital to wipe his body, change flowers, and talk to him. EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT FROM YOUR SACK GIFT BONUS DAD MUG. There are times when she is so tired, she jokes with him a few sentences: Mr. Khang Duat is so bad! Keep sleeping makes me so tired. Me An’s heart seems to stop when every day sees him lying there like a statue that does not move. Every day praying for him to wake up happily like the days before. Me An just finished wiping his face, then gently sat on the bed and unconsciously watched him blankly. Looking at the strands of hair flowing from her forehead to long lashes, she stroked this beautiful face and looked like she was being manipulated by a devil. Leaning down, a kiss on a thin silver lip is just a light, like a dragonfly.

Even though I’m not from your sack gift bonus dad mug

Then the flowers outside the window fluttering in the warm wind creating a wonderful effect. Me An’s cheeks were red, and she smiled gently. She knew this was not a sister’s kiss for her brother. It was a vibrancy, a girl’s affection for a boy. Khang Duat’s fingers move vaguely. Khang Duat! Here I come. Me An as usual took a flower and walked into the hospital room. Today I buy this yellow daisy, do you think it’s beautiful? Besides, my part-time job received a raise from my boss, do you think I’m good? She chatted excitedly while plugging the cotton into the vase as a daily hobby. The tall boy lying on the bed suddenly let out a deep, warm nose. Even though he didn’t answer every day, she kept saying so to help him partly hear. But today he replied to her, when did he wake up? Me An immediately let go of flowers and ran to his side and called: Khang Duat! Are you awake? Khang Duat. Khang Duat was walking in a white vaguely empty space, hearing someone splashing in his ear but could not see. She was so happy that she remembered that she had to call the doctor and call out loudly: Doctor, doctor!

Doctors and nurses ran in to examine and do a series of operations. Me An stood to one side with great fervor, not leaving him for even a moment. Lashes vibrated a series, his tightly closed eyes gradually opened, Me An panickedly opened her eyes wide to cover her mouth to explode. Is this the truth? What she had been dreaming of, right? The nasal wave stung away, the front started to blush and could not see anything. Me An chokedly stood in the corner of the room crying and sobbing, this feeling was like reviving. Khang Duat woke up like a bright spring sunshine shone on the withered flowers like Me An. She seemed to be revived all over the body, in every pore, she was delighted! That blissful happiness came very quickly and then was completely extinguished. EVEN THOUGH I’M NOT FROM YOUR SACK GIFT BONUS DAD MUG. Khang Duat lying on the bed suddenly shouted: Why can’t my legs move? The doctor raised his eyebrows to reassure him first: He kept calm because his head injury was too heavy, leading to paralysis in his legs. With only one saying, both human beings have suffered a painful breakdown. Khang Duat’s pupil shrinks with red rays, widens his eyes and looks at the doctor. Me An’s mind and body still has not ceased to be surprised and rejoiced by the joy he woke up, the doctor’s statement is like a bullet piercing her head, paralyzing everything.

It was from a soft and gentle paradise, then a ferocious pull fell straight into the dark hell surrounded by extreme pain. Like an innocent and innocent angel, suddenly broken her wings. Knees hit the floor, Me An collapsed and collapsed right now, she was drained of all her soul, leaving only a lifeless body. Khang Duat only remembers that the car suddenly lost control, then a loud noise rang in his ear, then a pack of pain came, his eyes darkened. When I woke up, my legs felt like I could not move. Although I tried my best to concentrate on them, I still could not move. His hands frantically used all the force of the way, punching them in each leg but still could not feel anything. He screamed frantically, the doctors and nurses trying to hold him back to inject the sedative nose. Me An tried to run to reach out and hug him, constantly reassuring him, although I was still in tears!

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