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Mi An took the medicine and put it in her mouth, took a sip of water, waited for her to finish everything, then sat down next to her and asked her about yesterday. Me An! Where did you go yesterday and what happened? Can you tell me? Her whole body was stretched to the limit, so he finally asked, Mi An was ready. She took a deep breath to calm herself, smiled lightly as if nothing had happened and said: Yesterday, I went back to the orphanage to visit my sister. AMERICAN FLAG DEER HUNTING TO MY DAD LOVE YOUR SON CANVAS PRINTS. Mi An pursed her lips and looked at Khang Duat, she didn’t know if he would believe her inventing stories like this, her hands were tightly intertwined and decided to lower her head and not look him in the eye: It’s just that I accidentally knew. Yes, my father refused to accept me since I was still in the womb, he sent my mother away without mercy. And even when he grew up, he was like that again, even though I begged not to leave him, but he coldly said: Don’t call me dad, I’m not your Dad! If a little bit more, Me An said those thoughts, she didn’t dare to tell him, so she only had to swallow it in her heart and keep it a secret!

American flag Deer hunting To my dad love your son canvas prints

The wet edge of her eyes heated up quickly, but even so, she was still smiling without any disturbance because of her mood, it could be said that her mouth was smiling, but her heart was bleeding. An An, the past, let it be in the past, now you have me! Khang Duat heartbrokenly hugged her in his arms and whispered softly in his ear, Me An leaned his chin on his shoulder to feel the warmth and peace creeping towards her. Hugging Khang Duat tightly, behind him silently shedding tears, choking to call his name. Duat, it’s a pity that we can’t go together for the rest of our lives, because this miserable situation has pushed us apart. I promise you, no matter how far we go, everything about you will always be in my mind, you deserve someone better than me! Chu Hy is right, she is an ugly frog, so returning to her rightful place will not expect any more. At least for this moment let her ponder one last time before everything returns to the starting point!

Perhaps the temperature outside her body now could not be compared with her inside, Mi An looked at the gloomy landscape around, it is true that sad people are never happy. Today is Thursday, only a few days until the wedding ceremony, it seems that time is running out, she has to sprint. Might as well be tonight. The princess will return to Cinderella! Khang Duat finished processing the documents, he went to the room to look for her, but he couldn’t find her, so he went downstairs and looked everywhere to find her sitting blankly on the swing in the garden. He frowned, walked quickly, took off his jacket, and strongly covered her, scolding in a low voice: Me An, why don’t you stay in the room at this time, but run out here to sit, I’ve said it and just recovered from the illness. very weak body, can’t you hear? AMERICAN FLAG DEER HUNTING TO MY DAD LOVE YOUR SON CANVAS PRINTS. Khang Duat felt extremely uncomfortable because of her attitude because all day she was absentmindedly absent-minded, didn’t talk much to him anymore, she often spent time sitting quietly like a statue like this. Only when he started a conversation did she answer a few questions, she was completely different from usual, Me An felt the familiar scent and the remaining body heat on her coat soaking into her skin. his meat. She raised her head, smiled softly at him as if she didn’t hear what he just said, she patted the empty space next to her and said softly: Duat, sit down here. Khang Duat bent his waist to sit on the swing with her, before he could sit still, suddenly Mi An crawled into her body and hugged her waist tightly.

He smiled and moved, wanting to adjust his posture, but Mi An thought he wanted to leave, so his hand hurriedly grasped the corner of his shirt as if looking for a sense of security. Duat! Don’t push me away, just a little, I want to hug you just a little bit. It’s so stupid, I want to hug until I can’t, even willing to let me hug for the rest of my life! Khang Duat petted her lovingly, for anyone else he would push her away but only Me An, he would never let go or push her away. But Khang Duat did not expect that this little girl would leave her own arms. Holding his ear, resting his head on his chest, listening, feeling each heartbeat and the warm heat like blood flowing in the heart to invigorate but why does Me An still feel inadequate? Can you hold me a little tighter, Duat? Khang Duat has not heard her say that for a long time, because only when her heart is sick with fear and lack of feeling of security will she ask him to hug her tighter. He worriedly grabbed her shoulder and stroked: What’s wrong? It’s nothing, it’s just so cold that I want you to hug me tighter.

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