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Thank you for your understanding and help, she is so cute so I hope you will take care of her. Everything was clear, Khang Duat said goodbye to her then went back to school. On the way home, he kept smiling. Thinking of Me An, he unconsciously smiled peacefully, she appeared like a new spice entering his boring life. While thinking, suddenly the phone next to the transmission vibrates, looking over and seeing the name I think of now, Khang Duat lazily picked up the phone, sighed and answered the phone. What ‘s up? Are you still mad at me? Angry what? Many times he wanted to think about breaking up with Chu Hy, his indifferent girlfriend, because she was always indifferent to him. Many times were late or did not come when two people had a date to go out and still called and texted she did not answer or answer. He was silent, she was also silent, so the two of them were just as vague as strangers. Don’t be angry anymore, let’s eat with me tonight, there is a delicious new Western restaurant! Chu Hy tried to ease his anger. Oh, isn’t Miss Zhou busy today? Appointment to eat again, right? Khang Duat laughed mockingly. No, you really are!

You don’t need the size of a dragon to have a soul of a dragon mug

I’m just busy with studying, so I don’t care about you a little bit, but you are so mad. Khang Duat sighed, how good is it to try to prolong the relationship. That’s what Khang Duat is, no matter how cold people are, the love he once treasured and tried to fix it if there was a problem. After all, there was a time being for each other for 3 years. Okay, come over to my house tonight to eat, I invite the chef who specializes in dishes of Chongqing restaurant to cook for you. After saying that, he hung up, tossed his phone to the seat next to him, then leaned back in the chair to rub his temples for a while. YOU DON’T NEED THE SIZE OF A DRAGON TO HAVE A SOUL OF A DRAGON MUG. He remembers that he and Chu Hy used to be each other’s chauffeur, love each other for a long time, but emotions keep fading, and Chu Hy is increasingly making him tired of her demands. Khang Duat is not knowing whether he is a love or performing his lover’s duties. The cheerful gaze from just now was gone, replacing it with a tired look at the steering wheel. Khang Duat frowned, frustratedly turning the steering wheel to change the direction of the car to go home.

After Khang Duat knew all about Me An’s past, he began to see more ladies. Each passing day, each day, he always kept his promise to her, leaving her with her like a brother to help her worry less. Every day take her to eat, pamper her, guide her lessons, stand as a shield when someone bully or bully her. Gradually as the years passed, like sand passing through each finger quickly, Me An learned to open her heart. Thanks to Khang Duat, she knows how to care and love someone, and thanks to Khang Duat, she jokes and laughs more. With him beside her, her youth was called a youth! I thought everything would be as complete as this until the storm started to emerge. YOU DON’T NEED THE SIZE OF A DRAGON TO HAVE A SOUL OF A DRAGON MUG. For a while, the gray, gray sky of the past few months has given way to the blue-green color with a little bit of white, peaceful and romantic. The clear clouds and the sun make the vividness of the summer clearer. The university grounds were crowded with students dressed in graduation gowns, and on the stage were marked with the big Graduation Ceremony word. With the completion of the ceremony, the students all rushed to find friends and relatives to share their joy and joy. Me An has a small figure in the middle of the stream, wearing a hat like a small rabbit, looking for Khang Duat. Being engrossed in searching, behind his back, he ran to gently push her back. Out of soul yet? Where are you going? I’ve been looking for a while. I just go around, because the little one can’t see me. Khang Duat snapped her nose.

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Happy graduation, Mexico! Me An pouted and then heard him say again. She looked like a bright flower, then lifted her head and looked up, then saw him come closer and closer to her. As the distance narrowed, both hearts were sobbing uncontrollably. When he was about to do something, she thought he would kiss him lightly on the forehead like the movies she watched. But no, he reached out to embrace her like a sister. Me An was a little disappointed, in fact she wanted him to gently kiss her forehead or cheeks, but she did not dare to think about it, but only responded by hugging him tightly. Two people warm each other, but their hearts are not beating the same rhythm. When he let go of her, Me An again could not control herself but gathered up the courage to do something that she must regret later. Eyes obscured by longing for love, she tiptoed and hugged his neck and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Since being with her until now this is the first time that Khang Duat is so panicked, she is kissing his cheek lightly. He could feel his soft silk lips against his cheek, a gentle kiss across his cheek.

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