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Ten minutes later, Mi An helped him out of the car, in front of the two of them was a huge mansion, but there was no breath of anyone. Khang Duat rolled his eyes and looked around, how long has it been since he came back to this place and looked like that? This place used to have the warmth of a mother, the flower garden in front of the house that day was so green that it brightened up the whole garden, but now no one takes care of it, so it soon becomes a desolate and withered place. OLD COWBOY SOMETIMES I LOOK BACK ON MY LIFE POSTER. Mi An wrapped around his arm and rubbed it as if to reassure him: Let’s go in! Khang Duat nodded his head to fight the accident and went up the stairs leading to the house, and when he reached the door, he could smell the strong smell of tobacco and alcohol in the living room, causing Mi An to cough. He glanced at Khang Tuan sitting on the sofa, with a pink shadow next to him, the corners of his mouth twitched, his knuckles turned white because of force. Mi An saw that he was silent and restrained, so she spoke first: I salute you! Khang Tuan startled and looked up to see his son standing at the door glaring at him, cleared his throat and glanced at the woman next to him: Go upstairs for a bit.

Old cowboy Sometimes I look back on my life poster

The lustful eyes of the infatuated mistress swept over Khang Duat’s handsome face and then looked all over him, until he saw him on crutches, then disgustedly withdrew his gaze and went upstairs. Unfortunately, one man was paralyzed. Come in! Khang Tuan adjusted his collar and scratched his head. The two went in and sat down on the sofa, his expression did not improve at all, as if it were calm before the storm, making her tense every minute. Does your leg look better? Yes, his legs are almost ready to walk, no longer need to be in a wheelchair. Mi An happily told his father clearly that he was no longer useless. When Khang Tuan heard that, his expression immediately changed to look at Khang Duat with wide eyes: Are you going to be able to walk again? Well then, that’s great, I’ll be the one to take care of the company. The sharp brow furrowed even more deeply, the dark eyes looked at him: I’m not here today to talk about that, it’s the main thing. The bottom of her eyes instantly turned into deep love, turned to hug Me An’s shoulder who was sitting next to her, even her voice quickly changed into tenderness and love: I will marry her!

Khang Tuan couldn’t react in time because of his words, so he was scared to death, eyes widening, Me An looked at his expression, and became more and more tense, his hands twisted together. Do you want to marry this girl? Why? It’s because I love her that I get married! Khang Duat hugged her shoulder while talking to her father, Me An bowed her head and smiled lightly, he was saying that because he loved her, he would marry. What should I do? She was sinking deeper and deeper, and probably wouldn’t be able to get out. There are dozens of beautiful and talented girls out there and you know her. This orphan. OLD COWBOY SOMETIMES I LOOK BACK ON MY LIFE POSTER. He forgot that Me An was here, so he regretfully did not say the latter, that was enough for Khang Duat’s anger to flare up. He put his hands on the crutches and forcefully pulled her up to follow him, his eyes red. What did you just say? How about her? Khang Tuan angrily pointed at his face: Come on, brother. Mi An, who was next to her, already knew that things would happen like this, so she stopped him and didn’t want him to argue with her father for her sake. She knew that she was an orphan without roots, she knew that his father would have a hard time accepting her, but hearing it was painful. Tieu Me, I will get justice for you! Khang Duat looked at her heartbrokenly and stroked her face, her eyes were covered with tenderness, he knew that she looked normal on the outside, but inside, she hid extreme sadness.

Talking to you here is just an announcement, not a consultation. Her voice was steady and unwavering, enough for others to rely on, Mi An raised her head to look at his handsome face and her heart fluttered. At that moment, she was very happy, because there was a person who truly loved her and really wanted to protect her without worrying about anything. Finished speaking, Khang Duat turned around and wanted to leave, then Khang Tuan spoke up: Okay! I agree for the two of you to get married. He gritted his teeth and swallowed sweet soap because he still had to think about the future, all his massive career needed someone to take care of and the only person that was this son! All his life, he was still a flower boy, but he was still wise, never foolish enough to give all his money to stupid women! When Me An heard that, she didn’t think much of it, but smiled innocently, jerked his arm and timidly whispered: Duat! I can do it.

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