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Lam Nguyet patted Tieu-Mnh toward the tribal border. Tieu Minh happily followed Lam Nguyet. It grew a bit bigger. Just in the autumn, Tieu Minh no longer goes to the river to soak, just drinks water sometimes, or teases the fish, especially now the fish is very dense, playing once for more than half a day. Under the teachings of Lam Nguyet, Tieu Mnh was able to help work. People in the tribe often saw it grabbed the log or rock that followed behind Lam Nguyet with a hose. CUSTOMIZE I JUST WANT TO TOUCH YOUR BUTT ALL THE TIME MUG. Sometimes Tieu Mnh also went hunting with Trat Nhi. When Trát Nhi hunted the wild boars, he would go after the pigs to scare them away, and the Trát Nhi would surround and kill a few. Tieu Minh will not kill her prey, unless Lam Nguyet is threatened, otherwise it just stands outside to support. So hunting wild boars is like playing a game to scare young pigs, they just come tease boars, not go hunting. Lam Nguyet laughed and said that Tieu Manh, who liked to play pranks on piglets, could also help Trat Nhi disperse the wild boars, so sometimes Trát Nhi would take it out. Goodbye, fake.

Customize I just want to touch your butt all the time mug

The youths of the tribe were sitting on the ground drinking water to rest, seeing Lam Nguyet, and saying hello, she nodded in response. Finished digging? Have the two sides communicated yet? Lam Nguyet asked Hoac Li. He replied: Yes, just finished calling me. Lam Nguyet is digging trenches. This job she had assigned to Hoac Li from the summer, until now finally finished. The trench was dug along the rocky mountain, surrounding the entire tribal land. The trench was dug deeply, so it took two months to finish. After investigating the outside of the peanuts, Lam Nguyet decided to only dig around the vacant land area, while the breeding area planned to move out. By winter, Lam Nguyet will move the breeding area to the riverbank on the right side of the rocky mountain, after switching to raise more sheep and rabbits, until the pigs in the cave have piglets, they will build a stone barn in the lawn area. to feed pigs. Lam Nguyet went to check and thought, the depth of the trench was equal to those of her two. If she falls down without help, she will not be able to climb. Lam Nguyet looked down at the exit made of two very solid giants, Tieu Mnh walked back and forth unharmed.

The trench is also very large, both sides are reinforced with stone. Lam Nguyet nodded in satisfaction and told Hoac Li to continue making the exit. If it is completely sealed, it will be inconvenient. As he walked and said, he suddenly went to the back of the rock. The rocky mountain is the shield of the Mong Tap tribe, one side slopes gently towards the tribe, can be climbed, the back is upright like a wall, there is no way to climb. The mountain is mainly rocky, there is very little mud, less vegetation, the top of the mountain is like being flattened by the wind, very easy to go. This made Lam Nguyet reassured, there would be no people who could rob the tribe from behind the rocky mountains. Going to the vegetable garden, Lam Nguyet checked the surrounding traps. To protect the vegetable garden, digging trenches is impractical, only traps can be used. CUSTOMIZE I JUST WANT TO TOUCH YOUR BUTT ALL THE TIME MUG. Lam Nguyet decided to dig holes and traps because, food is a strange thing in this time. People who do not know will not rob, wait for ripe, then immediately pick them. Digging traps is just for the greatest precaution. Outside, the trap has wooden stakes for marking, at first glance looks like a protective fence around the vegetable garden. The people of the tribe know that next to the wooden stake is a trap, in the trap there is a sharp bamboo tree, outside using a very thin layer of grass, if you step on it, you will fall right away, you will not see from the outside. What’s special. On top of Lam Nguyet wooden stake, people wrapped up a few thorns, looking more like a protective fence. The patrol will check every day to see if the trap has been stepped on, then repair it.

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During regular inspection, mountain rats were picked up to steal food, and they could add more food to the tribe, as if there was a little benefit. Having completed all the protection, Lam Nguyet again assigned some additional defenses to Hoac Li, then followed the river along with Tieu Mnh to the right of the tribe. Hoac Li sent two men to follow behind Lam Nguyet, then quickly returned to the trenches. Along the way, Tieu Mnh never made fun of fish, only occasionally swept up a few stout grass on the river bank to eat, some kinds of grass even came to look at it. In the past, Lam Nguyet worried that it was still small and could not distinguish the grass. Later, Tieu Mnh knew which grass can be eaten, and which grass did not manage it. Master Tieu Thach heard the sound of Tieu Meng when he lifted his head. When he saw Lam Nguyet coming, he said hello, walked out from the medicinal garden, and came to play with Tieu Minh. Lam Nguyet nodded without talking and went into the medicinal garden. Xiaowen did not follow in, but played with Tieu Thach on the river bank.

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