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A terrible scream came from his throat. It was a scream filled with a promise of no-awaited feud. From the past up until now, Tarzan has never seen Kala like an ugly female ape. Because Kala had squeezed into his mouth every drop of milk from his wrinkled, barren nipple. Because Kala has cradled him since childhood. Until the age of eight, he could not sleep without the familiar warm smell of Kala’s belly. AVENGERS SIGNATURE BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER. He fell in love with Kala with love mixed with gratitude and respect. If the Duchess Alice had lived and raised him for a long time, he would only love Alice so much. In anger and misery, Tarzan tried to judge what happened that led to his mother’s death. Apes with their poor language cannot judge and communicate much. But looking at the wound on Kala’s chest and with human intelligence, Tarzan immediately understood that it was the black people with the feathers on their heads that he once saw recently as the culprit of the death. Maybe it used a sharp branch to stick in Kala’s chest and then ran away like a deer running from the sun. The trail that Kuloga ran from is very winding, winding.

Avengers signature be strong be brave be humble be badass poster

However, Tazran knew each turn well, so he cut corners to shorten the time to stop the culprit. He has his weapon ready: the dagger and the noose. After an hour Tazran ran to a flat, muddy patch of dirt. On the muddy surface, there was a running footstep. In the midst of this wild jungle, those footprints are none other than the culprit that killed Kala. Tazran thought and stood watching again. He counted the number of footprints and found that the foot had five short toes, not like the feet of the ape in his tribe, but rather like his feet. Wet testing his feet into the mud he saw that the culprit’s footprint was a little bit larger than his own. Redefining the direction of the trail, Tazran jumped into the tree again. Just a moment later he disappeared after the thick green of the jungle. Only the sound of leaves rustling, farther and farther away, could be heard. After running for a while, Tazran stopped to listen. In front of him, in the middle of the forest, a black man suddenly appeared. Just a little longer, he was seen by him. The Negro was holding a slender bow, the bowstring stretched.

The small straight arrow is heading forward. Tazran recognized the boar Hoty with a welcoming head, a bubbling snout, in a position to plunge into battle. Tazran doesn’t care about Hoty. He was very surprised at the person holding the bow on the ground. It turned out that his enemy was just a little different from him. Different in skin color and face. There were also black people in the books he had viewed for a long time. But there was a frightening difference between the motionless fragile drawings on paper and the flesh and blood under his feet now. AVENGERS SIGNATURE BE STRONG BE BRAVE BE HUMBLE BE BADASS POSTER. Seeing this man, he did not think of the concept of a black man, but only of the concept of archer man illustrated in the rhyme book. The more Tazran watched the black man holding his bow on the ground, the more he felt amused. He is interesting because of the coincidence between the archer in the book and the real archer. In a moment, he completely forgot his pursuit of purpose. He began to observe every black man’s movements. His muscular, curled arms curled backwards, making his bow curl. The bow string seems to be stretching, about to break. Just then, the boar Hoty also darted its head at the enemy. But with a “thump”, the arrow flew out like a bolt of lightning, plunging into Hoty’s hairy neck. Hoty did not seem to notice the arrow, still wearing the arrow around her neck, rushed forward. But Kuloga is quite agile.

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The guy had finished fitting the second arrow and jumped to the side. Hoty just jumped past and was shot in the back by the second arrow. After the missed blow, Hoty turned back again, taking the momentum to launch a new attack. But now Kuloga jumped onto the tree. Hoty running, suddenly stopped and fell to the ground. In an instant the boar’s muscles curled up, twitching wildly. Some white foam emerged from the pig’s muzzle. It groaned and then lay still like a log. Kuloga jumped to the ground. With a very skillful movement, the guy pulled a knife and sliced ​​a piece of meat from the pig’s hip. Just a moment later he had gathered a fiery wildfire and shoved the flesh in the middle of the fire. After eating half of the meat, Kuloga threw the other half into the pig’s body and left. On a tall tree branch, Tazran watched Kuloga’s meal attentively.

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