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She was just about to open her mouth, but his tongue was waiting for him to enter, leading the clove tongue to dance, the hand holding her became more and more powerful, as if he wanted to bring her into his body. Her breathing became ragged, powerless to acknowledge his aggression. Conscious that she was about to lose her breath, Shen Yichen reluctantly let go of her and temporarily let go, warm fingertips gently resting on her lips, the top was covered with his own breath. He likes that. Mi An lightly panted, following her breathing, her chest rose and fell, making the man in front of her eyes look even more infatuated. THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT POSTER. My treasure, my little treasure! Many gentle voices called out, like a wide ocean of wisdom and tolerance, like a useless sadness in her heart for a long time, and finally found a reason to let her go, so that she could commit to living in it. His hand did not stop moving, did not know when it slipped into her shirt, slowly feeling her skin, then grasping the soft mass in front of her chest, his slender hand began to caress. At this moment, the soul and body senses are more awake than ever, more sensitive, more agitated, unable to control the groan. Mi An turned around, her arms hugged his thick and wide back, ten fingers pressed lightly, enthusiastically responding.

The hem of his garment poster

As the days went by blindly and fear increased so much that she could only let herself go once and then once when she fell in love with him! He held her small head tightly, kissed her fiercely, almost wanting to swallow her whole mouth. Two small pieces of lips were kissed by him, sucking red and swollen, in his big eyes gradually foggy, only the silhouette of a person. The belt moved really hard, in just a moment both of them became one in the most intimate, joyful way! This is undoubtedly the most satisfying and proud moment for a man, making him more full of arousal, overflowing with tenderness, he really loves this little girl! After a while, in the big room. Only the sobbing breaths of men and women could be heard. Around the floor-to-ceiling window, the sloppy clothes of the two lay scattered on the white wool carpet, leaning on the bed, there was a strong figure and a gentle figure entwined tightly. The golden moonlight shone on them, it was like a magical gold-plated statue telling everyone about a love story that never fades.

Enthusiasm passed, Khang Duat hugged Mi An’s soft body that made him love endlessly, his head was buried in her hair, gently kissed her pearly white neck, smelled the fragrance. emerged from her body, recovering from a state of mind that was still not relaxed after venting. Having lived together for a year, her shyness, her enthusiasm, her mischievousness, her watery gentleness all made him fall in love with an unending fascination. Mi An leaned her head on Shen Yichen’s chest, lightly panting, feeling the intense beating of her heart. It was so crazy, the intimate campaign they had just launched, wilder than any other time! Treasure, do you like it? THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT POSTER. Khang Duat deeply implored his voice. Mi An hummed, then rubbed in front of his chest like a small cat, her hand unconsciously hugged his hip, temporarily making him feel a little itchy heart, like a small cat scratching . Can not! Right now he has more important things to do, for the sake of happiness in the future, he can only suppress his excitement, stop eating her, gently help her cover up with blankets, quietly staring at her a few times. seconds. Baby, good night! Kang Duat gently kissed her forehead and carefully covered her with the blanket, and she seemed to have a sense of touch and smiled unconsciously.

The next morning, Mi An sneaked into her room to open a wardrobe, then silently took a small pill from the blister, put it in her mouth and swallowed it without water. She frowned, this medicine is too bitter! Rubbing her stomach, her white teeth biting on her swollen lips because of yesterday’s echoes, every time she finished making love, she took a pill. Because she was afraid, if a baby appeared at this time, I’m afraid it was a mistake, the baby would be just as unhappy as her! Mi An closes her eyelids, her nose is stinging, the taste in her mouth is only bitter, she really wants to have children with him but circumstances do not allow! Even if I am still struggling, how will this baby be born? What are you doing? Khang Duat had just made a phone call to Khang Tuan to see if he was at home, the result was so he turned to look for her. She instinctively startled, quickly closed the closet, cleared her throat: Nothing at all, are we going yet? Khang Duat’s eyes became suspicious again when he saw her sneaky look that wanted to hide something, Me An only forced a smile and then walked out.

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