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Eragon also chants a spell that Oromis once taught him. The spell will tell you and Saphira exactly when they get close to the ground or the water. From the moment it flew into the clouds, the moisture in the air filled his skin, seeped into his clothes, weighed them down. That is really an annoyance that you have to ignore. But wind and water, they would freeze him quickly. Therefore, he chanted another spell, removing all the water droplets in the air around him, and around Saphira’s eyes as she requested because the more moisture condensed on her face, causing her to must constantly blink. The winds in the center of the storm were unusually quiet. LAMB DOVE GOD AMERICAN FLAG POSTER. Eragon makes a few comments about this, but the old dragon still maintains the same seriousness he had at first: we haven’t faced the worst of the storm yet. What Glaedr said soon became a reality. A fierce wind suddenly pushed Saphira a thousand feet high. The air was so thin that Eragon could not breathe. and the steam froze into a hundred thousand small crystals, stabbing Eragon’s nose, cheeks, and Saphira like sharp knives. Gripping the wings tightly against her body, Saphira rushed forward, trying to escape the aura that was pushing her up. A few seconds later, the wind that pushed her up disappeared, but instead, another gust of wind pushed her into the waves below with tremendous speed.

Lamb Dove God American flag poster

The ice crystals melted, forming larger water droplets, floating around the Saphira as if there was no gravity as they plunged. lightning flashed near them. A strange blue light animal pierced the veil of clouds. Eragon screamed in pain as thunder exploded around him. His ears vibrated. He tore two small pieces of cloth from his robe, tucked them in his ears, the deeper the better. Only when it was almost to the bottom of the cloud did Saphira control the wind. But as soon as she did that, another wind came, grabbed her like a giant hand, pulled straight upwards. The winds were too strong and fierce, Saphira could not resist, and she flew up and down again, like a sponge in a whirlpool. She managed to move forward a few miles, a few rare miles, with extraordinary and costly efforts. But every time she escaped from this air, she was immediately caught up in another stream of air. Eragon felt a lack of confidence when he realized that he, Saphira and Glaedr were helpless before the storm. And even with all their might, they have no hope of confronting the force of nature.

The second time, a wind threw Saphira back down into the waves below. both times, the winds pushed Saphira down near the bottom of the storm, where heavy showers fell on the sea surface. In the second lane, Eragon looked toward Saphira’s shoulder. For a moment, he thought he saw the long, black shadow of the Nidhwal resting on the undulating sea. But when the flash flashed again, the shadow disappeared. and he wondered if that was a trick for him. Saphira became weaker. LAMB DOVE GOD AMERICAN FLAG POSTER. She no longer struggled with the winds, letting them take her where they wanted. she was just fighting back, as she fell near the sea. she tried to keep her wings still and took as little strength as possible. Eragon noticed that Glaedr gave her a stream of energy to maintain his strength. But that was not enough for her to do anything, except stand still. Finally the light faded. Disappointment abounds in Eragon. They spend their days wasted by the storm. And it showed no sign of slowing down, as if Saphira was still just somewhere in the ring of a hurricane. Sundown. Eragon couldn’t even see his nose. It makes no difference when you close or open your eyes. as if it were a pile of black wool piled up around him and SAphira.

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Indeed, darkness is like some kind of matter, has weight, and is impacting them from all sides. Every few seconds, a bolt of lightning flashes again, tearing through the night. Sometimes lurks in the clouds, sometimes right before their eyes, shining like the sun and giving the air a fishy taste like iron. After the dazzling light of the flashes disappeared, the night became many times darker. Both Eragon and Saphira, out of dazzle from the lightning, saw nothing in the dark now. The lightning did not hit Saphira, but the roaring thunder made both of them tired. How long they will last, Eragon really didn’t know. Saphira was caught in a wind, bigger and stronger than what they had faced before. As soon as it arrived, SAphira tried to fight it, trying to escape. But the wind was too strong, and she couldn’t maintain her balance.

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