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Me An startled to let go of him, cheeks flushed like peaches. She didn’t know what the hell she was doing, only that her emotions overflowed so she covered all of her reason. Sorry to you. Me An nervously feared he misunderstood. Khang Duat! What are you doing? Zhou Hy just now has stood here and seen everything! Very good, he dared to cuckold her. Zhou Hy was about to finish the graduation ceremony to say goodbye because she was about to go abroad. Struggling for not knowing how to speak, old Thien gave her this excuse. WHAT THE HELL LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS MUG. She laughed evilly and stepped into the perfect miserable, weak shoulder. Why do you do that to me? Who is she, when did you two know each other? Chu Hy is not like you see. Khang Duat opened his eyes wide to see Zhou Hy walk, has she seen it all now? It’s as clear as day that you still deny, over the past few months you have been indifferent to me because of this child? Being encroached by the water she acted more and more deeply. Khang Duat, what’s the matter? Me An bit her lip, not understanding what was going on. Hey, little girl stealing your lover and talking like she doesn’t know anything? Zhou Hy smiled and turned to mock Me An.

What the hell let’s see what happens mug

After saying that, Chu Hy turned around in a pained expression and walked away, crying while running. Finally, Zhou Hy’s plan was successful. Khang Duat felt guilty and immediately chased after Zhou Hy, leaving Me An alone in the middle of the school yard. Me An stood there in turmoil. Turns out, because of approaching her, Khang Duat was misunderstood, so she also did something foolish to make his relationship broken. Now, she gulped bitterly as she watched her loved one run after their loved one. Somehow, the mistake is due to you. WHAT THE HELL LET’S SEE WHAT HAPPENS MUG. Me An put her hands on her chest, why this place feels so throbbing! Me An sitting on the swing at the orphanage, since graduation until now she has not seen Khang Duat anywhere. Is it possible that because of that day he didn’t like her and wanted to avoid her. Sighing an hour, Me An closed her eyes as her mind was still thinking about him. Elsewhere. Khang Duat sits on the floor, next to a dozen bottles of dry wine lying on the floor, creating a very chaotic scene. When thinking about Zhou Hy, he feels sorry for her. When thinking about Me An, he feels very contradictory. He tried his best to explain to Zhou Hy to understand, but she seemed like she didn’t want to understand, defiantly determined to break up without hesitation. Thinking over it, he also sincerely owes her a sincere debt because it was Zhou Hy who helped him through the darkest time.

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