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Here, is their own world, where they all thrive because of a smile from Mi An! He lowered his head and kissed the top of her head, whispering in a low voice: I love you. Mi An woke up dreamily because of his kiss, out of habit of rubbing his chest a few times, still not sure what was going on. She raised her eyes to look up, coincidentally two eyes met accidentally, Mi An embarrassedly immediately…

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She never imagined that one day she would push him out of her hand, he was clearly right in front of her, it was clear that all this was what she wanted, longing for it, but why should her feelings? Are you not like before? Instead she felt more anxious, she did not dare to step forward again, she was afraid that she would lose her footing and fall miserably again. Being held by him in his tight arms without any…

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The white woman’s hand tightly grips the thick bronze back of the man, creating a distinct highlight, on each hand there is a shiny silver ring despite the darkness pouring in everywhere but it still shining perfectly. After a long time, the space was calm again, only the raindrops falling on the porch, Khang Duat satisfied from Me An’s body, then hugged her in his arms and gently stroked her sweaty hair: Baby, are you tired, huh? Mi An raised her head and smiled at…

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Mi An smiled and continued to pretend to lie to him, in fact, she knew that the symptoms of the disease had reappeared, and in her heart, she began to fear that she just wanted to shrink as small as possible. Because she feels lonely and lonely preparing to attack and swallow her when his arms are no longer around her! The moonlight was suddenly obscured by the dark clouds, the rain immediately poured down like a waterfall, Khang…

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Mi An took the medicine and put it in her mouth, took a sip of water, waited for her to finish everything, then sat down next to her and asked her about yesterday. Me An! Where did you go yesterday and what happened? Can you tell me? Her whole body was stretched to the limit, so he finally asked, Mi An was ready. She took a deep breath to calm herself, smiled lightly as if nothing had…

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He looked at the innocent girl next to him who was excitedly shaking his hand, his heart aching, Me An always made him love her more and more. Because he understood, Khang Tuan didn’t like her from the beginning, but he was worried about the business without anyone taking over. Therefore, he reluctantly and reluctantly accepted Mi An, although it was only to cover her eyes, he still hoped that things would be like that because he…

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Ten minutes later, Mi An helped him out of the car, in front of the two of them was a huge mansion, but there was no breath of anyone. Khang Duat rolled his eyes and looked around, how long has it been since he came back to this place and looked like that? This place used to have the warmth of a mother, the flower garden in front of the house that day was so green that it…

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She was just about to open her mouth, but his tongue was waiting for him to enter, leading the clove tongue to dance, the hand holding her became more and more powerful, as if he wanted to bring her into his body. Her breathing became ragged, powerless to acknowledge his aggression. Conscious that she was about to lose her breath, Shen Yichen reluctantly let go of her and temporarily let go, warm fingertips gently resting on her lips, the top was covered…

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Her little daughter now knows how to listen to her words, that is, try to open love for someone. And Me An has done it, the little girl has a first love with infinite love and faith regardless of whatever she will strive for forever. She smiled reassuringly looking at Me An, just praying that these two will be happy. In the hospital room, she obediently sat holding his hand against her cheek and smiled…

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Me An startled to let go of him, cheeks flushed like peaches. She didn’t know what the hell she was doing, only that her emotions overflowed so she covered all of her reason. Sorry to you. Me An nervously feared he misunderstood. Khang Duat! What are you doing? Zhou Hy just now has stood here and seen everything! Very good, he dared to cuckold her. Zhou Hy was about to finish the graduation ceremony to say goodbye because she was about…


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